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Vladimir Karpushkin

Director, Volga Branch

Vladimir Karpushkin previously served since March 2012 as commercial director and mass market business development director for MegaFon’s Volga operations. A number of major projects were implemented under his management, including rolling out 4G/LTE services on the mass market in 13 regions and launching a federal center of excellence based at the Saratov division as part of the MNP project.

Vladimir Karpushkin has been working in the company for 15 years: he began as a shift engineer in the NSS operations group and BSS technical department in 2001 and over several years rose up the career ladder to become director of marketing for MegaFon’s Volga operations. Later he led the commercial department in MegaFon’s Caucasus Branch, the new product and service section of the Volga Branch and headed the Volga Branch of the retail chain MegaFon Retail.

Vladimir Karpushkin was born in Samara. He graduated from the Samara State Aerospace University in 2000 as an engineer specializing in automated information processing and management systems.