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Yan Kukhalsky

Director of New Businesses and Partnerships

In 2015, Yan Kukhalsky was appointed to the role of Director of New Businesses and Partnerships of PJSC MegaFon and General Director of CJSC MegaLabs. He has worked within the company since 2014, previously occupying the position of Adviser to Director General.

Yan has many years of experience working in the sphere of the Russian media industry and advertising market. Before moving to the company, he spent several years leading the Disney Channel (Russia), and was responsible for implementing the channel’s development strategy and collaborating with the Walt Disney Company CIS team.

From 1999 to 2007, he worked at the TV3 television channel, subsequently working his way up from accommodation office manager to commercial director. From 2008, he worked as a commercial director for ProfMedia Business Solutions, where he managed the consolidated sales of the TV3, MTV and 2×2 television channels. He also headed up advertisement sales on the radio stations of the VKPM holding company (Avtoradio, NRJ, Yumor, Romantika). In 2012, he was appointed Vice President of Sales at ProfMedia TV.

Yan graduated with honors from the Managementы faculty of the Saint Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics.