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Anna Serebryanikova

Chief Operating Officer

Anna Serebryanikova was appointed Chief Operating Officer at MegaFon in October 2016.

Anna joined the MegaFon team in 2006 as advisor to the CEO for International Legal Affairs, bringing to the company many years of experience in the field of international legal activity in multinational companies and federal and international organizations and agencies.

In 2008, she took charge of the company’s legal function, providing full legal support for PJSC MegaFon. Ms. Serebryanikova has unique experience in carrying out strategically significant corporate projects, including those in the field of M&A, as well as in the integration of large-scale assets, tracking complex structured transactions in domestic and international capital markets, conducting public offering of shares and depositary receipts in Russia and abroad, and winning precedential arbitration cases. The legal team, led by Ms. Serebryanikova, repeatedly became an industry leader according to editions of Legal Insight.

In January 2009, Ms. Serebryanikova became a member of the governing board of PJSC MegaFon.

From 2007 to 2013, she also served as the corporate secretary of the company, building an effective system of corporate governance focused on the highest international standards, providing a balance of interests between shareholders and management, and realizing the legitimate rights of the shareholders.

From 2010 to 2011 Ms. Serebryanikova was Deputy General Director of corporate development for CJSC Synterra (concurrently).

In 2012 — 2016, as head of the unit for relations with the legislative and executive authorities, Ms. Serebryanikova represented the interests of PJSC MegaFon at major GR platforms, building relationships with the government authorities and creating a legal and regulatory environment for promoting the company’s strategic business projects while minimizing regulatory risks.

From December 2012 to November 2015 she was a member of the governing board of Euroset Holding N. V. and has been a member of the Supervisory Board of Euroset Holding N. V. since November 2015.

Since April 2013 she has been a member of Non-Commercial Partnership «Promotion of Navigation Technologies Development and Application» (GLONASS Union), which handles the implementation of major public projects with the use of navigation technologies in the transport sector.

Before joining the company, from 1998 to 2004, Ms. Serebryanikova was senior legal counsel and head of the Department of the Non-commercial Foundation for Enterprise Restructuring at the Ministry of Finance of Russia. From 2004 to 2006 she worked as an attorney at international law firm J. P. Galmond & Co.

Ms. Serebryanikova graduated with honors from the Law Faculty of Lomonosov Moscow State University and earned her Master of Laws degree from the University of Manchester (UK).

Ms. Serebryanikova is a recognized expert in the field of information law, author of numerous articles in professional media, and a well-known speaker at major industry forums and conferences. She is the author of the master course «Information Law» MSSES, validated by the University of Manchester, UK.