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Lord Paul Miners

Independent Board member
Chairman of the Remuneration and Nominations Committee

Lord Paul Myners joined the Board of Directors in March 2013. He is also a director at RIT Capital Partners, Board Chairman and a partner at Cevian Capital LLP, Board Chairman and a managing partner at Autonomous Research LLP as well as Board Chairman at Platform Acquisition Holdings Limited. In the period 2008–2010 he served in the U.K. Government as Treasury Minister and a member of the National Economic Council, and has remained involved in government as a member of the House of Lords and a parliamentary committee. Prior to this he had an active career in the City of London with N.M. Rothschild and as CEO and chairman of the Gartmore Investment management group, after which he served on a number of boards, including Marks and Spencer, Land Securities, and the Guardian Media Group, which he also chaired. Lord Paul Myners graduated from the University of London with an honours degree in Education.