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Dmitry Kononov

Director, Investor Relations and M&A

Dmitry Kononov is the Director of Investor Relations Department. In addition to his recent appointment as the Director of Investor Relations, Dmitry has been the Director for Mergers & Acquisitions since December 2008.

He joined PJSC MegaFon in 2000 and was Chief Financial Officer from 2002 to 2004. Mr Kononov has extensive experience in the Russian telecommunications market: from 1993 to 1999 he served as First Deputy

Managing Director of CJSC “Delta Telecom”, the first cellular telephone company in the country, later becoming its Chief

Financial Officer; in 1999 he was also promoted to Chief Financial Officer of RTDC, a US West/MediaOne International subsidiary formerly investing in a number of providers of DAMPS/NMT/GSM services in major Russian regions from North-West to Far East. In 2000, he became a consultant to the board of directors of First National Holding SA and Chief Financial Officer of OJSC “Telecominvest”, subsequently serving as a member of its board (until 2008). Mr Kononov holds a degree in Financial Accounting from the University of Colorado.