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Irina Likhova

Сorporate development and human resources director

On 16 May 2016 Irina was appointed to the position of the Head of organization development and human resources management of “MegaFon”.

She graduated from the Leningrad state university with a degree in applied mathematics of management processes. She had been working in research institutions in the area of mathematical simulation of production processes for 10 years. Later she continued her education in the international school of management LETI-Lovanium and obtained an MBA of the University of Louvain (Belgium). In 1994 Irina was invited to the international concern Unilever where she had been working in the area of human resource management for 9 years. From 2003 to 2012 she served as Head of MegaFon’s human resources department. Until April 2013 she had been holding a position of HR director in Sollers after which she was working on her own projects and consulting in the field of people management.