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8 October 2018

MegaFon is awarded the Fastest Mobile Provider in Russia

MegaFon was granted the Ookla Speedtest Awards as “the mobile provider offering the fastest data upload and transfer rates”. This is confirmed by more than 7 900 000 speed measurement tests taken by Russian users on their mobile devices via the Speedtest® app in Q1—Q2 2018.

According to Ookla®, MegaFon provides the fastest mobile Internet in Russia to its customers: the average download speed was 24.68 Mbit/s, and the average data upload speed — 10.57 Mbit/s. For the research Ookla analyzed the data of more than 7 900 000 tests performed by Russian users from 1 455 991 unique devices.

“MegaFon is constantly working to improve the quality of communication by expanding its own network. Today, MegaFon has built more base stations than any other Russian mobile network operator and remains a pioneer in high-speed Internet era while maintaining leadership positions in 4G and testing capabilities of the fifth generation of mobile communication technology on current cases in everyday life. For the second year in a row, MegaFon is recognized as Russia’s fastest operator based on measurements taken by users all across the country. It is a great honour for us to win a truly national award, and also a huge responsibility to keep opening up new opportunities for our customers in mobile Internet industry,” — said Vlad Wolfson, Commercial Director at MegaFon.

MegaFon customers in Moscow can download data at an average speed of 41.93 Mbit/s, and upload data with the speed 14.46 Mbit/s, which almost doubles the performance of the second fastest mobile provider in terms of average speed rates. The results of measurements taken by users in St. Petersburg have shown that the average download speed was 25.74 Mbit/s, and upload speed — 14.46 Mbit/s.

About the companies

Ookla Company, founder of Speedtest service, is the world leader in testing and analyzing the Internet. Speedtest is the most precise way to measure network performance and to carry out network diagnostics. Speedtest provides an independent view on speed and quality of mobile and fixed broadband connections. Millions of users recognize Ookla Speedtest as № 1 application for testing the Internet speed and it is trusted every day by the professionals of the industry.

MegaFon PJSC is a Russian integrated digital service provider. MegaFon operates in all segments of the telecommunications markets in Russia, and in the Republics of Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Tajikistan. MegaFon is a recognized market leader in the provision of mobile data services, was the first operator in Russia to launch commercial operation of a third generation (3G) network and was the first operator in the world to launch commercial operation of an LTE-Advanced (4G) data network. MegaFon shares are traded on Moscow Exchange under the symbol MFON. Additional information about MegaFon and the products and services provided by MegaFon can be found at: http://www.megafon.ru

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17 April 2019

Squeeze-out request made by MegaFon Finance in respect of ordinary shares of PJSC MegaFon

Moscow, Russian Federation (17 April 2019) — Public Joint Stock Company “MegaFon” (MoEx: MFON), a pan-Russian operator of digital opportunities (“MegaFon” or the “Company”), announces that on 17 April 2019, following preliminary notice to the Bank of Russia, the Company received from “MegaFon Finance” LLC (“MegaFon Finance”) a squeeze-out request requiring the shareholders of the Company, other than MegaFon Finance and its affiliates, to sell all of their ordinary shares of MegaFon to MegaFon Finance (“Squeeze-out Request” and “Squeeze-out”, accordingly).
5 April 2019

MegaFon successfully places bonds

Moscow, Russian Federation (05 April 2019) — Public Joint Stock Company “MegaFon” (MoEx: MFON), a pan-Russian operator of digital opportunities (“MegaFon” or the “Company”), announces that it has successfully closed the order book for its BO-002P-02 series exchange bonds (the “Bonds”) with a coupon of 8.90% per annum.
29 March 2019

MegaFon announces a shareholder transaction resulting in changes to its shareholdings

Moscow, Russia (29 March 2019) — Public Joint Stock Company “MegaFon” (MoEx: MFON), a pan-Russian operator of digital opportunities (“MegaFon” or the “Company”), hereby announces that it has been notified earlier today that USM Telecom LLC (“USM Telecom”) has purchased 86 800 000 ordinary shares of MegaFon, representing a 14.00% interest in the Company’s share capital, from MegaFon Finance LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company (“MegaFon Finance”), on 28 March 2019.