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Direct Line

Below are the contact details of Direct Line for issues on business ethics, corruption and violations affecting activities of the company "MegaFon" or its subsidiaries.

This Direct Line is not for customer service issues. If you have a customer service issue, please use contact info at our web site www.megafon.ru.

Phone 8 (800) 550 50 95. You will be served in Russian language. The service is available 24/7, toll-free (for the calls in Russia)

E-MAIL directline@megafon.ru

P/O Box 127 006, Moscow, Кaretnyy Ryad 5/10, bld.2, P/O Box 59


I would like to get an advice on proper business conduct and way of doing business in challenging circumstances.

I would like to inform you about corruption, misbehavior, violation, improper business conduct, etc.