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  • Sustainable development

Sustainable development

Sustainable development


Sustainable development is a key element of MegaFon’s business philosophy. It defines our approach to innovation, development and introduction of new products and services. Effective stakeholder engagement is a pivotal condition for the successful implementation of our sustainability strategy. Our relationship with stakeholders is based on the principles of partnership, equality and respect.

Our social mission is to eliminate communication barriers, connect people across the country and ensure quick access to information under any circumstances.

Charity: Systemic Approach

Over 20 years charitable work has become an important element of our corporate life. Today MegaFon pursues two main goals in its charity activities — use our experience and expertise to find systemic and effective ways to solve pressing social problems, while developing “smart” charity in Russia and assisting foundations and NGOs in competently engaging with the business community.

Systemic approach, effectiveness and transparency are the guiding principles for our social initiatives. We engage only with reliable foundations and NGOs. All charity expenses are backed by financial reports, which guarantee the intended use of donations.

We support nationwide projects and projects bringing together the interests of groups of regions — delivering our help exactly where it is needed most. As the Company is commited to its charitable activities producing lasting impact, it has identified two key areas for providing systemic assistance:

  • Helping orphan children and children left without parental care, aged 10 to 21 years. Our most ambitious project in this area is The Future Depends on You Open National Football Cup for orphanage and boarding school teams. Since 2005, more than 25 000 children have taken part in the project. Read more about the championship here;
  • Supporting people with disabilities;
  • Disaster relief.

If you have read our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and believe that your project needs our suppport, please send you request to dobro@megafon.ru.

Find out more about our 2015 projects here.

Ethics and Integrity

MegaFon complies with the norms of business ethics and the principles of legal, fair and sound business practices. The company values its reputation and acts in strict compliance with anti-corruption legislation of the Russian Federation, namely the Federal Law “On Combating Corruption” and the 2013 “Guidelines” from the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. In 2014, the company also joined the Anti-Corruption Charter of Russian Business. Find out more here.

Human Resources

With a view to ensuring sustainable development and increasing long-term value of the business MegaFon is forming a management system allowing it to achieve both short-term goals (the fiscal year) and long-term sustainable development.

Environmental protection and initiatives

Respect for the environment is essential for the good health of future generations. We recognise the importance of environmental factors for any activity. Year after year, we minimise the impact of our operations on the environment through rational use of resources, particularly energy, water and paper in our offices and sales outlets. For instance, this year the head office of MegaFon was ranked top by Moscow authorities in a list of 80 most energy efficient offices in the Russian capital. The evaluation was carried out as part of its “Green Office” initiative.

When building base stations, we use advanced energy-saving technologies and ensure a gradual transition to alternative energy systems. As of today, we already have 12 solar-wind generators installed in Russia. Since 2011, MegaFon has commissioned in the Murmansk Region four base stations running on wind energy. In 2014, we launched a solar-powered base station in Dagestan.