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Corporate governance

Corporate governance

MegaFon attaches great importance to its corporate governance system. Transparency about administrative processes and disclosure of information about the company’s activities are considered to be the most important factors for effective growth and sustainable development of the company.

The corporate governance of MegaFon guarantees the equal treatment of all shareholders, and provides them with the opportunity to participate in the management of the Company.

The key elements of the Company’s corporate governance system are:

  • The General Meeting of Shareholders;
  • The Board of Directors and its Committees;
  • The Management Board;
  • Sole Executive Bodies: General Director (CEO) and Executive Director;
  • The Internal Audit;
  • The External Auditor.

In order to insure the effective functioning of the corporate governance system, MegaFon has a Corporate Secretary who is responsible for insuring that all rules and procedures are followed by the company’s management and guarantees the rights and interests of shareholders.