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Anton Cherepennikov

Board member

Is the founder of the multifunctional IT group “X-Holding” and one of the founders of ESforce, Europe’s largest cyber-sports holding.

Mr. Cherepennikov got involved in IT business in 2005, having founded Triat Systems, which specialized in importing Blackberry phones and corporate information security services on their infrastructure. Ten years later Mr. Cherepennikov created a group of companies “Citadel” (in which today he is an Adviser to the General Director), and in 2016 and 2018 — Group of Companies “Forpost” and Group of Companies “Kryptonit,” which later became part of “X-Holding.”

Mr. Cherepennikov studied at Bauman Moscow State Technical University at the Department of Information Security (IU8) and also graduated from Moscow State Construction University.

In different years, Anton Cherepennikov was one of the TOP-10 and TOP-20 of the most successful young executives of Russia according to the publications of “The Firm’s Secret” and RBC, in 2018 he was nominated for the Award of RBC for the contribution to the development of the cyber-sports industry in Russia, also named “Businessman of the Year 2018” according to GQ. In 2019, Anton Cherepennikov entered the rating of 100 young economic leaders of Russia according to the Institut Choiseul (2019), nominated for the Award of RBC Entrepreneur of the Year.