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Natalya Chumachenko

Board member

Born in 1972. Presently, holds the position of the Company’s member of the Board of Directors and Finance & Strategy Committee Chair. In addition, Ms. Chumachenko is adviser to CEO in USM Management LLC. From 2016 till 2018, she had been Managing Director for Strategy & Organizational Development in MegaFon PJSC. From 2013 till 2016, she had been the First Deputy CEO of USM Advisors LLC and the Board member of Metalloinvest Management Company LLC. In 2011-2012, had held the position of the Executive Vice-President for Business Development on the Russian Mass Market in Vimpelcom. Ms. Chumachenko graduated from Voronezh State Construction-Engineering Academy with a degree in Engineering systems and constructions, and Voronezh State University with a degree in Management. She has the Master Trainer diploma of Door International Center of Training and Coaching.