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Sergey Pereverzev

Chief Legal Officer

Sergey Pereverzev joined the team of MegaFon in 2011. In November, 2016, it was appointed Chief Legal Officer of the Company.

Sergey is the winner of the contest “The Best Legal Departments” in the nomination “Creation of Effective Structure of Legal Function”, the winner of LegalTech Leader contest held by PRAVO.ru (the best result in automation of legal activity), he is ideologist of digitalization and use of artificial intelligence in the legal sphere.

Sergey is actively engaged in optimization and increase in overall performance of function and the industry. The ambitious project “Legal Battle” at the 8th PILF was implemented under its supervision. Sergey’s team consisting of lawyers and IT specialists developed a chat-bot on the basis of neural networks which successfully conducted a debate with a highly skilled lawyer. This project laid the foundation for such non-standard business solutions as neural designer of documents with use of NLP methods, system of documents recognition with unstructured text and preparation of answers to them within 1 minute.

Before joining MegaFon, Sergey worked in the Office of the Vice Governor of St. Petersburg and the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg and also in Management company of Pulkovo Airport “Northern Capital Gateway”.

In 2001, Sergey graduated from St. Petersburg State University with major in “Law”.