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Alexander Sobolev

Director for Strategy and Business Development

Alexander Sobolev holds position of the Company’s Strategy and Business development Director. In this role, Alexander leads the Company’s corporate and functional strategies along with development of key wholesale and industry partnerships.

Alexander joined MegaFon in November 2012 as Head of Strategic Partnerships and Projects. His responsibilities included cross-functional projects and functional strategy development in such areas as infrastructure and new business, expanding and strengthening strategic partnerships with operators, vendors and trade associations.

In that position, Alexander played a key role in preparing and holding the annual strategy session for the Management Board and the Board of Directors. As a result, the CEO and the Board of Directors approved a number of functional strategies and strategically important projects. Alexander’s another important achievement is the development and approval of a strategic partnership with Telefonica, which helped MegaFon expand its client base among international companies and gain access to precious expertise of one of the largest global operators.

Prior to joining MegaFon Alexander provided strategic consulting services working for The Boston Consulting Group, a leading international consultancy firm, and Strategy Partners Group, a major Russian company. Additionally, Alexander has co-founded several technology start-ups.

Alexander graduated from Moscow State University, specializing in Calculus Mathematics and Cybernetics. He holds a diploma from the Innovation Studio innovative entrepreneurship business school at Moscow State University, where he studied marketing, innovative business models, fundraising and entrepreneurship.