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This page is dedicated to summarizing MegaFon’s current presence in the public debt capital markets. MegaFon is committed to utilize the opportunities provided by global and local debt capital markets in order to reach its strategic goals of achieving an optimal cost of funding and diversifying its lenders base.

Bonds Volume Coupon Maturity
PJSC MegaFon (Series BO-001Р-03) RUB 15 billion 7,85% 03.10.2022
PJSC MegaFon (Series BO-001Р-06) RUB 5 billion 8,90% 11.03.2024
PJSC MegaFon (Series BO-002Р-01) RUB 5 billion 8,90% 11.03.2024
PJSC MegaFon (Series BO-002Р-02) RUB 10 billion 8,90% 06.04.2026

All interested parties may examine the documents of this section, or may obtain copies at the following address: 127006, Moscow, Oruzheyniy lane, 41. We provide copies within 7 (seven) days from the date of submission of a written request.