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EGM Notice

EGM Notice


Dear Shareholder,

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Directors of Public Joint Stock Company “MegaFon” (hereinafter, MegaFon PJSC or the “Company”) has convened an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders in the form of absentee voting (hereinafter, the “Meeting”) to make decisions on the following items of the Agenda:

  1. Election of the Company’s General Director.
  2. The Company’s participation in the Association for the Development of Financial Technologies.

Date of the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting (deadline of acceptance of the executed voting ballots): November 13, 2018.

Address for returning of the executed voting ballots: 107076, Russian Federation, Moscow, Stromynka street, 18, building 5B, Independent Registrar Company JSC.

Date to determine (fix) the persons entitled to participate in the Meeting: October 21, 2018.

The shareholder shall be entitled to participate in the meeting via forwarding the voting ballot duly executed by him or his representative.

Categories (types) of the shares the owners of which shall be entitled to vote on all or several Agenda items: ordinary registered uncertified shares.

Information/Materials for Meeting:

The Company’s Board of Directors approved the following information (materials) to be available to shareholders prior to the Meeting:

  1. Notice on holding the Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of the Company, including the procedures for distribution of information (materials) to be provided to the shareholders during preparation for the Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of the Company.
  2. Information about the candidate to the position of the Chief Executive Officer of the Company and information on availability or absence of written consent from the candidate nominated to the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Company.
  3. Ballot for votting at the Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of the Company.

The foregoing information (materials) will be available from October 22, 2018 on the Company’s website at: https://corp.megafon.com/investors/shareholder_meetings/extraordinary_general_shareholde/#2018.

Also the information (materials) will be available upon request for examination at the Company’s office: 41, Oruzheiny lane, 127006, Moscow, Russian Federation. Payment taken by the Company for such copies may not exceed the cost for their production.

Additional information on the procedures for holding the Meeting is available on the Company’s website at: https://corp.megafon.com/investors/shareholder_meetings/extraordinary_general_shareholde/#2018.

Secretary of the Extraordinary
General Shareholders’ Meeting
D.A. Lizunova