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21 June 2016

MegaFon office recognized as most energy efficient

The head office of MegaFon won the Green Office initiative and was recognized as the most energy efficient office.

According to the assessment given by the environmental experts from the Moscow Department of Environmental Management and Protection, the central MegaFon office on Kadashevskaya Naberezhnaya adheres to the top standards of energy conservation. It is the most energy efficient office out of all Green Office project participants, which totaled over 80 this year.

“It’s nice that our energy conservation efforts were recognized by the Moscow government. We want the company offices to be comfortable for our employees and adhere to top environmental standards. We are currently building our new office and are using the most up-to-date technologies to ensure that we create the most efficient work environment,” said Oleg Knyazev, Administrative Director at the head office of MegaFon.

The Green Office initiative is a Moscow government environmental education campaign. The campaign recognizes the achievements of companies and government agencies in optimizing their environmental policies. Green Office also promotes programs aimed at decreasing the negative impact of office spaces on the environment, the rational use of natural resources, and creating comfortable working conditions for employees.

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5 October 2017

OJSC “MegaFon Retail” Honored with SAP Value Award for the Best IT Project in Logistics

OJSC “MegaFon Retail”, a subsidiary of PJSC “MegaFon”, won the SAP Value Award 2017 in the “Logistics for the benefit of competitiveness” nomination. The company has been recognized for its project devoted to optimization and raising effectiveness of business processes in retail.
21 June 2016

MegaFon recognized as Russia’s best in multichannel retailing development

MegaFon has won the “Consumer Rights and Service Quality” award for the third time. The company received the award in the “Retail Services” nomination, “Multichannel Approach” category.
15 December 2015

“MegaFon” is recognized as the best customer-oriented company in Russia in 2015.

The “MegaFon” Company became one of the winners of the National Competition in the sphere of customer experience and service management — Customer eXperience Awards Russia 2015.