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21 June 2016

MegaFon recognized as Russia’s best in multichannel retailing development

MegaFon has won the “Consumer Rights and Service Quality” award for the third time. The company received the award in the “Retail Services” nomination, “Multichannel Approach” category.

“Along with actively developing 3G and 4G networks and increasing mobile Internet speeds, we are constantly working to make sure our subscribers are happy with our service quality. We are always by the subscriber’s side, regardless of what channel they use to contact us, and respond quickly and efficiently to all requests - calls to the contact center, notes on our website, a comment on our online store or a message via one of our social network profiles. Positive client experiences are the key indicator of the quality of our work,” says Mikhail Zolotovitsky, Sales and Service Director at Megafon.

The prize is awarded for the seventh year in a row to the most successful projects in the field of consumer rights and service quality. The award ceremony took place in Sochi on June 17th as part of the Consumer Rights 2016 forum.

This is not the first time MegaFon has won a customer service award. In 2015, the operator won the “People’s Brand” award, the “Consumer Rights and Service Quality” award (“Retail Services” nomination, “Connection and Telecommunications” category), as well as the “Most Client-Oriented Company in Russia” and “Best Multi-Channel Client Experience” awards from CX Awards Russia. In 2014, the Client Loyalty and Customer Centricity Association named MegaFon “Client-Oriented Business Leader 2014” in the “Mobile Operator” nomination category.

MegaFon’s multi-channel approach to customer service allows the company to process large volumes of customer inquiries, provide solutions in a timely manner and keep service quality high. The company is simultaneously working on improving the efficiency of all channels of communication, including their own shops, the online store, the contact center, website, customer personal pages, and social networks.

  • In 2015, MegaFon increased the number of clients using the “Personal Page” service by more than 50% compared to the previous year. The number of installations of the service on mobile phones reached over 3.7 million by the end of 2015 and the number of Personal Page users totaled 5 million across all branches
  • Over 300,000 orders were completed via the MegaFon online store last year, new pick-up locations were opened and the online lending option was introduced
  • The company’s social network profiles have over 2 million subscribers. MegaFon helps over 1,000 clients via social networks every day
  • In 2015, the MegaFon contact center received over 73 million inquiries. 85% of inquiries are resolved during the first contact. Due to optimal inquiry allocation between channels (voice, e-mail, SMS, Personal Page), MegaFon managed to increase the capacity of the contact center by 25%
  • The MegaFon retail network ensures the company’s wide presence across the country. There are 2,097 MegaFon retail stores operating in Russia, which account for about 40% of new subscribers
  • MegaFon constantly adjusts its operations based on client feedback. In order to accomplish this, the company uses client experience assessment tools. This includes both external tools (CSI/NPS surveys, mystery shopping) and internal tools (requests for SMS feedback after every inquiry to the service channel).
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5 October 2017

OJSC “MegaFon Retail” Honored with SAP Value Award for the Best IT Project in Logistics

OJSC “MegaFon Retail”, a subsidiary of PJSC “MegaFon”, won the SAP Value Award 2017 in the “Logistics for the benefit of competitiveness” nomination. The company has been recognized for its project devoted to optimization and raising effectiveness of business processes in retail.
21 June 2016

MegaFon office recognized as most energy efficient

The head office of MegaFon won the Green Office initiative and was recognized as the most energy efficient office.
15 December 2015

“MegaFon” is recognized as the best customer-oriented company in Russia in 2015.

The “MegaFon” Company became one of the winners of the National Competition in the sphere of customer experience and service management — Customer eXperience Awards Russia 2015.